At Physio-wellness, we have a team of doctors , nurses and dietician who work together to give the best possible outcome for your little ones. The team has immense experience in dealing with paediatric health so that any child who walks into the centre has a pleasant experience and goes back home smiling. We have excellent laboratory facilities available and our team is experienced in taking blood samples from the tiniest of babies.

Some of the paediatric services provided at Physio-wellness are:

  • Monitoring of Growth and Development: We follow country specific growth charts to monitor your child’s growth and give appropriate advice accordingly. In case of growth faltering , appropriate history and investigations are carried out to find a possible cause. In case of medical conditions like food allergy and cow’s milk protein allergy, a paediatric dietician is available to give the right condition specific dietary advice . Similarly , development assessment is carried out according to standardised charts and protocols.
  • Immunization services: All immunisations are available at Physio-wellness including annual flu-vaccines. Catch up immunisation in case of missed doses is provided.
  • Management of paediatric infections: We manage a variety of paediatric infections like viral illnesses, bacterial infections, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and skin infections . At Physio-wellness we are very careful in judicious use of antibiotics in order to prevent any antibiotic resistance.
  • Management of non-infectious conditions: Allergies , asthma, obesity, constipation, bed-wetting, pubertal issues, congenital conditions , headaches are few of the many conditions which we can manage here.
  • Behavioural issues: We can provide advice on a variety of behavioural issues in children including temper tantrums, fussy eaters, language and speech delay, attention deficit etc., and help parents seek the appropriate services in case we suspect neuro-development issues like autism and ADHD.