With 32 million heart patients in India, our country has among the highest rates of cardiovascular disease in the world. The growth of heart diseases is dependent on a number of interlinked factors such as aging, changing lifestyles, bad eating habits, lack of exercise, and smoking. Among the challenges are a lack of awareness, inadequate treatment facilities and the cost of case, which makes treatment too costly for many. There are thousands of people who undergo cardiac surgery in India and require post operative care. Several techniques are recommended to patients to remain mobile. Regardless of the techniques used as mobilisation, the essential point is to avoid bed rest. Early mobilisation seems to be important to prevent postoperative complications, improve functional capacity and reduce length of hospital stay in patients after cardiac surgery.

Fortunately, Physio-wellness can help.

Physio-wellness provides comprehensive, continuous care and prevention measures for cardiac surgery patients. To prevent or diminish postoperative complications, pre- and postoperative physical therapy treatment is often prescribed to cardiac surgery patients during the hospital stay. The physical therapy treatment consists of early mobilization, range of motion exercises, and breathing exercises. Different breathing techniques with and without mechanical devices are also recommended after cardiac surgery.

Chest physiotherapy is routinely prescribed in order to reduce or prevent pulmonary impairments after cardiac surgery. Besides early mobilization, positioning and shoulder girdle exercises, various breathing exercises are recommended to the spontaneously breathing postoperative patient.

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