Pranic Healing: Does this No-Touch, No-Drug Treatment Work?

Pranic healing is one of the most popular forms of no-drug and no-touch form of therapy that has been widely used to treat an array of physical ailments and emotional setbacks. Unlike other casual healing practices, Pranic healing is a systematic and uncomplicated form of therapy that has proven to be effective in treating multiple psychological and physical ailments within a short period.

According to the Pranic healing concept, the human body is the combination of the apparent and invisible body – also known as etheric, aura, bioplasmic, and energy body. Now, what exactly is the connection of our visible and invisible body? Basically, both forms of our body are believed to be interconnected, meaning associated with each other. That being said, if something affects your physical body, it will have an equal impact on your aura as well. Thus, attempting to heal your etheric body as well as the Chakras can result in the significant relief on your visible body. Now that the concept of two bodies is clear, let’s learn what role does Pranic healing plays in healing your physical and cosmic energy within your body. Let’s have a look:

What Areas does Pranic Healing Target?

As it is a no-touch and no-drug healing therapy, Pranic healing process targets the energy within your body. It involves examining your aura to find out the actual depletion and congestion of your energy. To put it in simple terms, it discovers the imbalances of energy in your body. Once the practitioner detects where and why exactly is your energy not properly utilized or congested, he/she then follows cleansing therapy to rid your body of negative energy and carry out energizing therapy to boost the energy flow and reinforce chakras and your aura. Just like a human’s physical body, the aura of every being is different. In order to help you get peace, the healer focuses on the seven essential chakras located within your spine. As soon as your aura and chakras get free from used-up energy, the healer uses Epsom salt to clean your aura from unwanted energy. The minute your etheric body cleans and become stronger, your physical health automatically improves.

According to the testimonials performed, Pranic healing has shown great results by curing a large number of physical and mental issues. Some of these disorders which can be treated through Pranic healing therapy include migraine, high blood pressure, common cold, sodalities, backache, arthritis, fever, cough, osteoporosis, sinusitis, headache, asthma, and a lot more.

Aside from treating chronic pain and physical ailments, the psychological patients suffering from common problems including but not limited to phobia, stress, violence, childhood traumas, grief and anxiety, and hysteria have found substantial relief from their mental illness. In fact, the therapy has proven to be effective for patients struggling with depression as it alleviates the extreme depression symptoms by removing all negativity from your body.

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