Emotional Freedom Technique, abbreviated as EFT, is the latest form of treatment that is especially known for its healing benefits. Whether you have been struggling with the physical ailment for quite long or you’re suffering from psychological tensions, this revolutionary treatment can rid your body and mind of unnecessary stress. Instead of the involvement of needles and any other drugs, this innovative treatment is associated with the proper stimulation of your energy points using the fingertips.

In today’s hectic schedule, getting trapped in the negative emotions and mental health issues is no more considered to be a big deal. Psychological issues such as stress, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and even depression are some of the common yet critical ailments that often disrupt your life. Since your energy body i.e. aura and your virtual body are interconnected, any disease affecting your energy would have an equal impact on your physical body too. Gary Craig is the name behind the creation of the Emotional Freedom Technique, which is super easy and convenient to be practiced at perhaps anywhere.

The working of Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT can be performed by stimulating your acupressure meridians to activate all the blockages. As soon as your blockages are cleared, you’ll find substantial relief from the ailment. Initially, the patient is asked about the problem he/she is facing, or what specific type of diseases is affecting their life. Usually, after knowing the problem, the patient taps the acupressure meridians and repeats a particular statement (that could bring positivity in the patient and help him tackle the issue) 3 times. This is the first part of the treatment.

In the second part, you’re asked about the feeling (fear) that is troubling you. Once you acknowledge this fear that is deteriorating the quality of your life, you may then be asked to rate the intensity of this feeling from 1 to 10. The practitioner will make you tap on certain points around your face while repeating “this feeling or fear”. The patient has to perform this multiple times until the rate of intensity of his fear gets down to zero. Once you have got free from this fear, your practitioner will ask you to name other feelings that might negatively affect your psychological state and perform similar tapping on the energy points.

How Effective is EFT?

When it comes to eliminating the unwanted energy of your body, the first thing that a therapist would ask you is “what negativities are you holding onto?” It is the negative emotions in the individual’s mind that cause the blockage and misplacement of your energy points. As soon as your mind gets clear from such stressful thoughts, positive feelings start building up. As EFT is a simple procedure, learning it can help medical patients to handle their emotional stress and traumas in possibly the easiest manner.

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